How it works?

In three simple steps you will get new absolutely clean coins


Create an order

Specify the receiving addresses for the clean coins, select fee and delay, and that's all - your order is formed.


Send your coins to BitMixer

Send your coins that you want to shuffle. The unique wallet address will be specified in your order.


Get clear coins

Once the mixing process is complete, we will send you new, clean coins, with the delay you chose when creating the order.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions and answers that may be interesting and useful for you

What is Bitcoin mixing/tumbling service?

Mixing service - is a service which help you staying anonymous using cryptocurrencies. It breaks the connection between your old wallet and new one.
Bitcoin tumbling, also referred to as Bitcoin mixing or Bitcoin laundering, is the process of using a third party service to break the connection between a Bitcoin sending address and the receiving address(es).
Bitcoin mixing helps you to disassociate any BTC you purchased from your identity. You send your coins to a Bitcoin mixing service; they take a small mixing fee, and after a random delay they send you an equivalent amount of other people’s bitcoins to your new address.
In other words, coin mixing services take your cash and give you new cash to your secret identity so that it remains secret.

How does BitMix work?

We have already prepared pre-mixed bitcoins (or other coins) for you. All you need to do is fill the form and send required amount of coins to our address. The mixed coins will be then sent back to you automatically.
Bitcoin tumbling (mixing) involves the usage of a third party service to break the connection between a wallet address sending coins and the addresses receiving coins. So if a person does not wish the whole world to know from where they got their coins, and/or to which addresses the Bitcoins are sent, then tumbling is the way to go. A provider of Bitcoin tumbling service is referred to as Bitcoin tumbler.
Coin mixing will provide you with a certain amount of privacy, by mixing your coins with other coins previously sent or in their reserve and sending different coins to the address you specify. When looking at the blockchain, one will be able to see you sent your coins to a wallet. And that someone sent coins to the wallet you want them sent, there will be no connection between your wallet address and the one where you want your crypto delivered.
Peer-to-peer tumblers appeared in an attempt to fix the disadvantages of the centralized model of tumbling. These services act as a place of meeting for Bitcoin users, instead of taking coins for mixing. Users arrange mixing by themselves. This model solves the problem of stealing, as there is no middleman. Such protocols as Coin Join, Shared Coin and Coin Swap allow few users to gather in order to form one Bitcoin exchange transaction in several steps. When it is completely formed, the exchange of BTC between the participants begins. Apart from the mixing server, none of the participants can know the connection between the incoming and outgoing addresses of coins. This operation can be carried out several times with different recipients to complicate the transaction analysis.
While newer coin implementations such as Cloakcoin, Dash, PIVX and Zcoin have built-in mixing services as a part of their blockchain network.

What logs are kept in BitMixer?

Absolutely no logs or personality identifying information are kept regarding your use of the service.

Why is BitMix better than CryptoMixer, UniJoin, UltraMixer, SmartMixer & ChipMixer?

BitMixer improves transaction privacy by breaking the on-chain link between source and destination addresses. It uses a smart contract that accepts BTC deposits that can be withdrawn by a different address. The service shuffles coins of the users and converts it to the altcoins, then converts back to BTC and sends to the user.

Is BitMix Bitcoin Tumbler accessible in Darknet via Tor?

You can access our service via it's clearnet domain, but we recommend using the following Tor URL instead: http://bitmixbizymuphkc.onion
However, malicious Tor exit relay-nodes can steal your coins by performing man-in-the-middle (MITM) attacks on Tor users by manipulating traffic as it flows through their exit relays. You can read more at Reddit about Tor network.

How many confirmations do you need to accept transactions?

Only one confirmation is needed.

How can I contact you?

Use email. The contact information is on the bottom of this page.